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8 (800) 201 72 03
Personalized design advice
SOMODERNART team is always
happy to help!

If you have just moved into a new space, want to redecorate your old one or if you aren’t sure if the print you like is going to match the rest of your interior, you can always ask us for assistance.

Send several photos of your room, apartment, or house todesign@somodernart.com. Add a couple words about the feel you would like to preserve or create. Our designers will come up with several wall art options to match your space.


If you have already picked the prints, but you are not sure that they will look good in your space, provide links to the prints you have selected on our website as well as the photos of your space and the brief description of your design goals.
We’ll give you a professional comment on your selection.


If you haven’t picked a specific print yet, but already have ideas about its content, style, or color, send your thoughts along with the photos and design goals. We’ll think about it and suggest some options.


If your apartment or house is still under construction, there’s nothing to worry about, either. Send us visualizations or collages of the color scheme, materials, and furniture you are planning to use. We will come up with some preliminary ideas for you.


If you haven’t found a print that matches the style you have in mind, but you envision something specific, e.g. you really want a print with a giraffe having afternoon tea, tell us! Not all of the artwork from Somodernart’s collection has been uploaded to the website. We’ll try and find what you need or give you the contact details of an artist who can bring your dream to life.

All in all, in any unclear situation, let us know!

It is hard to see how big your space is and how much room there is on the wall or to figure out the exact tint of your walls, wallpaper, and other materials from photos. Please give us precise dimension and key colours, if you can. For example, whether the whites in your room are cool or warm be crucial for picking decorations and additional colours.

Personalized design advice includes several recommendations for a maximum of 3–5 prints. We have decided to provide free assistance to those who do not yet know much about design because we would very much like to help you pick our prints for your space and to learn more about contemporary Russian art.

Large orders, however, require a different procedure and we will have to visit your space ourselves, frame the wall art, and design the hanging layout. So, if you need more than five prints, tag your message as ‘corporate order’..

Or you can write to our art director at molchanova@somodernart.com

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