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In short

Somodernart is an online collection of art prints by contemporary Russian artists for everyone who is fond of art, but is not yet prepared to buy original works. Our gallery specializes in art prints by young photographers, sketch artists, graphic designers, collage artists, and painters.

All works sold by Somodernart are selected by our curators and then printed on museum quality paper made by Hahnemuehle, a German company with a centuries-long history. The soft matte watercolour paper preserves every colour nuance of the original, prevents fading, and keeps art prints bright for many years.

We also have a section where you can buy limited edition prints and originals from the collections of our artists.
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Let us tell you more.

Having worked in interior design for many years, we were able to identify a serious problem: there are very few easily available quality prints or photographs in Russia. Designers and decorators generally look for artists on social networks or through friends. If you have just moved into a new space, but don’t work in design and only want some good art for your home or office, attending open edition graphics fairs and markets is your only option. They take place several times a year and most of them are in Moscow.

We have decided to change this sad situation and created a resource where everyone can find high quality modern art, just the right size and printed on professional paper.

Somodernart creates prints of original art works: collages, sketches, illustrations, digital art, documentary and conceptual photography.
Our website’s search system is very convenient and you will be able to find your way even if you don’t know exactly what kind of art you’re looking for or if you lack the skills of a decorator or an interior designer.

The prints are grouped by the type of space where you are planning to display them, for example, office, living room, or nursery. You can also search them by colour if you already have a similar palette on the walls or furniture.

Below, there is a menu of interior styles: Scandinavian, loft, country, and so on. Click on one of the styles if you are confident that your apartment, house or office is decorated in one of those styles.
We have categorized the prints based on the way we understand interior design styles and trends, but our taste is by no means a universal guideline. We recommend that you follow your personal emotions and preferences to pick the art prints for your space.

You can also search our print collection by keyword!
If you need a trendy collage for your office, a crocodile for your nursery or a flower print for your living room, go ahead and type these words in the search field. Every day, we add more and more keywords and tags and provide elaborate descriptions to every, even the most abstract, piece of art, so that you could eventually find it and take it home.